1. Describe to me your wish

The first step in completing your project is to describe your wishes. Based on this, I can map your needs and the expected working time, ie the cost of the project.

2. I'll start building a website

After mapping the project, I can start building the website. It starts with the choice of design and then I add the necessary functionality. Once these activities are done, we can start with the next step.

3. Working with details

Now I can start with the details, which may be your special wishes or the changes you want to make. These details have been mapped in the first part of our work process or have emerged in the meantime during development.

4. Feedback

Here it is your turn to review the project and send the latest wishes. Be it additions or modifications to existing ones. For example, changing colors, adding functionality, etc. In short, you decide.

5. Finishing

Now it's my turn to do the project cleaning so that everything is top-notch when you hand it over. During development there will be created content that is not visible in final view - changes, functionality that is not used. It all needs to be removed now.

6. Adding SEO

As a final step, I add SEO entries to help your website be visible to search engines organically. To do this, the corresponding entries must be added to each page, product, post and, if necessary, to the media used (important images, videos, etc.).

7. Project is ready

And with that, your project is ready and I will hand it over to you. You can then make your page visible and start a business.

8. Management instruction 1,5h

You definitely need to add materials, pages, etc. to your website. To do this, I can conduct a quick training on the basic elements (posts, pages, products, media) so that I can keep the page fresh in the future.

In order for the journey from your idea to its completion to be clear to both you and me, rules must be set. Here are 3 rules:

1. I work on 1 project at a time

I have chosen an approach where I work on only 1 project at a time. And this project is your website. This way I can commit to your project and answer only your questions. Your website will be ready faster when communication is in place!

2. The project should be completed within a maximum of 2 weeks

If everything goes according to schedule, your project will be completed in 2 weeks. If you distribute it further, the general construction will take place in the first few days, and then changes will be made and the website will be reorganized according to your wishes. The last step is to add SEO entries and make the page visible to search engines and, if necessary, management instructions.

3. I work on an hourly basis

Not to make unnecessary expenses for the development of the website, I work on an hourly basis. It has been proven that when the work is done on an hourly basis, the client (you) thinks more and also tries to find the best possible solution. The price of a website can be raised by the last "pecking" on details, which does not really matter much to the customer, but to say "because the owner wanted" or "the owner thought". Believe me, in simplicity lies the charm!